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IV Therapy/Blood Withdrawal Course
IV Therapy Blood Withdrawal Course in Stockton, Modesto, Turlock, Merced | BVNPT Approved Course, for licensed vocational nurse (LVN) or vocational nursing (VN) graduate seeking to expand skills.

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IV Therapy/ Blood Withdrawal Course BVNPT Approval IB2854
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36 hour Class (3 days) For RNs, LVN's & VN Graduates.
California Health and Safety Code § 2547.3 (a) (36) CEU Course Approval Code #V10932 for LVNS only, CEUs approved by BVNPT.

Location: 901 Geer Rd, Bldg#921 Turlock CA 95380
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Course Description Frequently Asked Questions

IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Course:
This (36) hour course consisting of (27) hours of lecture and nine (9) hours of clinical experience. The course is designed to enable the Licensed Vocational Nurse to safety initiate and maintain intravenous therapy in the clinical setting. LVNs successfully completing the course will be certified by the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technician Examiners to initiate and superimpose intravenous fluids and blood withdrawal. Course in intravenous and blood withdrawal is designed to teach participants basic techniques in intravenous therapy and blood withdrawal.


Intended Audience:
The IV Therapy/ Blood Withdrawal course is intended for recently graduated Vocational Nursing Students, LVNs for BVNPT state certification. All other healthcare professionals are welcome to take the course for experience only such as nurses, medical assistants, phlebotomists, patient care technicians, and other healthcare professionals. This course also serves as a preparatory class for those who wish to enroll in a phlebotomy technician class.

IVTBW Course Schedule:
(Effective 4/1/2020- Must have internet access- First Day Zoom Meeting
Day 1: Online Zoom Meeting (Online access code provided via email)
Day 2: Venipuncture Blood Withdrawal Classroom Skills Lab/ Test - Assigned Lab Session
Day 3: IV Therapy Classroom Skills Lab/Test - Assigned Lab Session

Course Completion Certificate:
As of March 2022, the BVNPT is taking up to 90-120 days to process IVTBW application and link certification to LVN license. The temporary certification provided at time of course completion by First Lady Permanente is sufficient in the meantime until licensure reflects on LVN license.
  1. LVNS: (Certified Course Requirements) For BVNPT state certification it is mandatory that each VN/LVN must complete a minimum of three (3) individually supervised successful venipunctures and three (3) individually supervised skin punctures (capillary blood withdrawal) on live human subjects. Recently graduated Vocational Nurses will not get a certificate of completion until they provide a LVN license number on record. Certificates will not be issued to students who fail to sucessfully complete all labratory practices. Participation in all class time is required (36) hours for IV Therapy BW Certificate /or (30) hours for IV only Certificate.
  2. All other Healthcare Professionals: for nurses, medical assistants, phlebotomists, patient care technicians, and other healthcare professionals looking to increase their knowledge and skills in IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal. These individuals are NOT REQUIRED to perform the course final of successful venipunctures and skin punctures (optional only). However a certificate of completion will be provided indicating if they completed the final or if they where observers. There are no continuing education units for providers unless they are LVNs.
  3. Medical Assistants- The Venipuncture Blood Withdrawal Portion (10 hours) is required by most jobs, this consists of only Day 1 and Day 2.
The BVNPT will (only) consider a licensed vocational nurse as competent to start and superimpose intravenous fluids via primary or secondary infusion lines and perform blood withdrawal who has completed this course. All other healthcare professionals WILL NOT BE CERTIFIED.

Course Materials:
IV Therapy & Bloodwithdrawal booklet with program inserts and supplies for skills and exam testing is Included in the course fee.

Course Description:
This program combines two courses that will provide participants with training and certification in the techniques required to start and IV infusion as well as withdrawal of blood for testing. The IVT course provides information on fluid and electrolyte balance, puncture techniques, management and care of the site (both pre and post insertion), anatomy and physiology, and Universal Precautions. IV Therapy venipuncture skills include: site selection and preparation, equipment, order of draw and appropriate care after procedure. All participants will sign a waiver and are required to participate in live sticks. In addition, the Blood Withdrawal course teaches the techniques for blood withdrawal including selection of equipment, site selection and preparation, order of draw, and after-withdrawal care.

Course Hours and Content:
Course in intravenous therapy/blood withdrawal meets the BVNPT minimum of (36) hours of instruction that includes 27 hours theory and nine (9) hours of clinical experience.
*THEORY content includes, but not limited to the following:
1.) Legal aspects as set forth in California Business and Professions Code Sections 2860.5(b) and (c)
2.) Psychological preparation of the patient
3.) Universal precautions for infection control
For Intravenous Therapy:
1.) Indications for intravenous therapy
2.) Types of venipuncture devices
3.) Types of delivery systems

4.) Types of intravenous fluids
5.) Preparation and immobilization of the venipuncture site
6.) Observation of the patient
7.) Regulation of the fluid flow
8.) Local and systemic reactions
For Blood Withdrawal:
1.) Methods of blood withdrawal
a.) Venipuncture
b.) Skin puncture (capillary blood withdrawal)
2.) Selection of appropriate method
3.) Safety measures
4.) Possible complications
5.) Preparation of withdrawal sites
*CLINICAL experience must include the following:
1.) Preparation of equipment for intravenous therapy and blood withdrawal
2.) Safety factors
3.) Choice of vein
4.) Choice of device for intravenous therapy and blood withdrawal
5.) Techniques of venipuncture
6.) Skin puncture practice must include instruction in:
a.) Preparation of site
b.) Preparation of equipment
c.) Universal precautions for infection control

BVNPT Approval: This program (2 courses) has been approved by the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT) for 36 Hours and is an approved CEU Provider by the BVNPT for this course a total of (36) continuing education units is provided to LVNs that complete the entire course. This is in compliance with California Health and Safety Code § 2547.3 (a).

Program Goals and Objectives:
  1. Identify the importance of infection control, the component aspects, and ho it impacts patient care.
  2. Identify location of the arteries and veins in the arm and hand
  3. Identify the equipment necessary to perform a venipunture
  4. Identify the technique necessary to perform a successful venipuncture
  5. Identify the equipment necessary to obtain a lab specimen
  6. Verbalize and identify the common complications of venipuncture and the associated symptoms
  7. Perform 3 successful venipunctures on a live human subject for LVNs/RNs and 1 minumum for a Medical Assistant.
  8. IV Infustions Section (For LVNs/RNs) Identify the common parental solutions used in the clinical setting, identify the indications for intravenous therapy, identify the equipment necessary to initiate IV Therapy- primary and secondary, verbalize and identify the common complications local reactions.
  9. Successfully complete the written evaluation with 84% or greater.


This course is open to California Licensed Vocational Nurses, graduates of a California BVNPT vocational nursing program, and Registered Nurses for remediation only. Only licensed LVNs will qualify for continuing education contact hours a total of (36). Pre-licensure VN graduates will receive a certificate once licensure is obtained and documented. Class is limited to 15 participants, Completion of all 36 hours is required to receive certificate. No partial credit will be given.

Reschedule Fee:

The course is non-refundable and non-transferable. In the event a student is sick, the following reschedule fees apply, a Doctors note excusing date of course is required. If student does not have a doctors note, full payment is required to reschedule.
$150.00 (24-hour notice)
$250.00 (less than 24-hour notice)
Notices must be provided to [email protected], Doctors note is required to reschedule.

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