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Emergency Medical Technician- E.M.T. Class (EMT Program)
EMT- Basic Initial Program
Our Price: $250.00

E.M.T. (Emergency Medical Technician) Program

First Lady Permanente Education Center offers a certified 10-week EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) 184-hour program for the certificate of completion for "EMT". Once course is completed and hours met, students will be eligible for the California EMT Certification & National Registration as a Emergency Medical Technician Basic. Our Education Center is located in the Central Valley, servicing students from Turlock-CA, Atwater-CA, Merced-CA, Modesto-CA, Stockton-CA and areas between. The EMT Program is designed to give the student the skills and knowledge to function as a working Emergency Medical Technician at the basic level and to facilitate the passing of the National Registry Exam. This program is intended for those who want to gain employment as a Emergency Care Technician, Firefighter at a hospital and Ambulance driver or attendant. Also for individuals who are planning on attempting to obtain a higher level of medical training such as RN, PA or MD as an enhancement of skills. The course material is drawn from the new National Education Standards Curriculum.

E.M.T. Course Schedule:
The E.M.T Program runs a total of ten (10) consecutive weeks a total of 22 days. Each week is scheduled Mondays/Tuesdays (2 days weekly) from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
160 hours Didactic & Skills + 24 hours clinical (ride along) = 184 hours total

Wait List Policy:
NOTE- If you are on the wait list and do not get accepted into the program your enrollment fee of $250 is fully refundable, this only applies to students on the wait list. However, if you are removed from wait list and accepted into the program your enrollment fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

FALL SCHEDULE 2019 (Open Enrollment)
*Orientation: August 28th, 2019
(Mondays/ Tuesdays at 9:00am - 5:30pm)

Week 1: September 9, 10
Week 2: September 16, 17
Week 3: September 23, 24
Week 4: September 30, October 1
Week 5: October 7, 8
Week 6: October 14, 15
Week 7: October 21, 22
Week 8: October 28, 29
Week 9: November 4, 5
Week 10: November 11, 12
(Plus 2 clinical shifts during the program)
A total of (22) days for the entire EMT Program.

Course Cost Breakdown:
$1,100.00 Tuition
$250.00 Registration Fee
$100.00 Workbook/Supplies (Textbook sold separate)
$75.00 Uniform/Badge
$225.00 Insurance
$100.00 Lab Fee
$0.00 AHA BLS Provider, ECC CPR/AED Course
=$1,850.00 Total Tuition, Estimated Charges and Additional Fees

Student Eligibility
1.) High School Diploma or equivalent, Valid Identification Card.
2.) Proof of immunizations must be provided during course with copy of your healthcare insurance card, Provide two sets of (Negative)TB's one within a year and the 2nd within 30 days of program; or Chest X-ray with negative results.
3.) Physical Exam within release to participate in program.
Current California Driver's License, Social Security Card
4.) Students must clear a background check.
If you have a criminal background, misdemeanor, felony, i.e., theft, assault, on probation, DUI please contact the local EMS agency to determine eligibility prior to enrolling in the EMT Course. If students want to complete on your own (must be within 15 days of course) click this link https://www.certifiedbackground.com/
5.) Must possess sufficient ability to: lift at least 50 lbs unassisted, stand, carry and balance on uneven terrain. Stoop, kneel, climb, crouch and crawl as needed to reach patients and safely remove and transport. Carry and utilize emergency medical equipment appropriately. Communicate verbally to patients, physicians, nurses, and coworkers. Hear, understand and react quickly to verbal instructions and patient needs. In addition, students must be able to travel to clinical and field sites as assigned and work varying shifts and hours assigned.

E.M.T. Participant Textbook (Required not included in course cost)
The textbook, is the EMERGENCY CARE AND TRANSPORT OF THE SICK AND INJURED 11TH ED. BY AAOS NOTE- NAVIGATION ACCESS is not required. Our school sells the book with no Navigation Access for $125.00 OR Rent for $45.00

E.M.T. Certification
The Emergency Medical Services Authority of California specifies requirements for EMT-Basic certification. Students in an EMT-Basic program must be 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or equivalent. There are minimum training requirements of 184 total hours (160 didactic and skills, 24 hospital clinical training/ field internship with 5 patient contacts). Students must also pass the National Registry of EMTs Examination. Once EMT Examination is completed students will have a valid two (2) year EMT Card and can begin working in the EMS Field.

Payment Plan:
Students have the option to go on a weekly payment plan the duration of the program, payments are due on (Monday's) each week of program sessions - processed by the Administrative Department.
$250.00 Enrollment Fee
$170.00 Payment 1 - Orientation

$170.00 Payment 2 - Week 1
$170.00 Payment 3 - Week 2
$170.00 Payment 4 - Week 3
$170.00 Payment 5 - Week 4
$170.00 Payment 6 - Week 5
$170.00 Payment 7 - Week 6
$170.00 Payment 8 - Week 7
$170.00 Payment 9 - Week 8
$170.00 Payment 10 - Week 9
$1,950.00 Total Tuition

Refund/Cancellation Policy:
Note- The enrollment fee of $250.00 is non-refundable and non-transferable. Do not submit payment if you are not sure you want to take this program.

BPPE Private Post-Secondary Approval, Approved Educational Program EMT Basic, 184.00 hours approved 5/25/2017. Approved/Registered Program list associated with Institution Approval #23666.
Link to BPPE Website